Eggs Benedict

It has been a long standing tradition around our house to have Eggs Benedict on the first day of school. (It used to be a tradition for Christmas too, but was put on hold due to high school wrestling season and making weight for the Reno tournament.) Officially, yesterday was the first day for Steel, but he wasn’t home in the morning.  The football team is at school the evening before and at 12:01 am, they go out for “Midnight Practice.”  After practice, they shower and all sleep on the floor in the locker room.  At 6:30 am, they get up, shower, dress and go to Perko’s for breakfast.

So our family tradition was moved to today.  No worries… it just extends the celebration.    This breakfast is one of our favorites, but we only have it on the first day of school and occasionally, on Christmas morning.  Not only is it delicious, but it sets apart the day as something worthy of celebration.  I’ve always believed that it really doesn’t matter what the tradition is, the significance is in the reason, not the action.  So, as much as we love this treat… we will reserve it for days we wish to mark with extraordinary celebration.