The Constant Princess

I’ve been reading a lot lately.  I finished the Twilight Series (again) last week so I was looking for something new.  I’ve been catching up on past episodes of Showtime’s series “The Tudors” and found a book written by Phillipa Gregory called The Constant Princess which is a novel about Catherine of Aragon who was Henry VIII’s first wife.

There is so much history behind the story and I find it all so fascinating.  I’ve always thought that Henry VIII was not completely to blame for all of the chaos he caused.  He was surrounded by so many people who were trying to advance their own status that most of his advisors could not really be trusted to attend to his best interest.  I thought Catherine a saint for her diligence (actually, I just found out she is not a recognized saint for the Catholic church) and her insistence on adhering to her faith, but after reading this book, I have to think that perhaps she too was only looking out for her own good and that she held on to “the great lie” as a way of political advancement.

I guess I’ll never know the real story, but it’s still fascinating.  The book is great and anything that offers a different perspective and causes us to think for ourselves is always a good thing.