State Fair

I love fairs… and a second chance to go to one in a summer is really a treat.  Today I traveled to Sacramento to watch Brandon show his “pink” heifer at the California State Fair.  I was a bit late because I took senior buddy shots at school before I left, but I walked in just in time to see the beginning of his class.

After the show, we ate lunch and walked around the buildings, checking out the booths.  We stopped at one cooking demonstration where the guy was giving away citrus juicers.  (A little plastic gadget you stick inside a lemon.)  He was asking simple questions, like “When was The War of 1812?” or “What color is the White House.”  The first person to answer correctly got a gadget.  When he asked “What do cows drink?” everyone else said “milk” except for me who said “water.”  Guess who won?