I love the month of September.  It’s almost like a new year or a fresh start maybe even a second chance.  When I was a kid, it was the beginning of a new school year… and while I still look forward to that with the kids in August, September makes it official.  When the 1st of September comes, everyone is settled back into the routine and on schedule.

September brings the official start of the football season.  For many years it was NFL that we looked forward to, but for the last 10 years, it’s been youth and high school football that has really caught our attention.  I have a sign we display every year that says… “We interrupt this family for football season.”  Now we get to see the fruit of their labors.  The coaches and athletes have been working so hard all summer long… now is their chance to shine.

I love the gradual change in the weather and the harvesting.  The almond harvest is in full swing.  Also, there is still a lot of corn in the area to chop and over the next several weeks we’ll witness more changes in the environment around us. The winery has finished the grape harvest and now they will prep the vines for the winter months.

The fall and winter months are by far my favorite time of year.  September marks the beginning of this season and it’s a blessing to have it come around once again.