First Best Friend

This morning, when I checked my e-mail there was a message on Facebook from someone asking if I was Kelli who grew up in Pleasanton… the daughter of Chick and Val…  I immediately recognized the first name as the very first best friend I ever had… D’Ann.

D’Ann and her family lived across the street from us in Pleasanton between the years of 1973-1977.  Her family was LDS and I used to go to church with them quite a bit.  She was one year ahead of me in school, but when we were out of school, we were inseparable.  Her parents owned and operated the Hallmark store in town.  We used to ride our bikes all over the neighborhood and over to her parents store almost on a daily basis.  The shopping center had a Sprouse-Reitz and a Safeway where my parents did all of their grocery shopping.

Looking back on it now, I can’t believe how much we ran around… Life was so simple.  It didn’t really matter where we went, as long as we were home before it got dark.  D’Ann and I had no secrets.  We shared everything and spent as much time together as possible.  We would eat at her house and go back to my house to swim.  Back and forth… all day long. We were home alone a lot (actually, I think we were supposed to be under the supervision of our older siblings, but we didn’t consider them to be in charge) because both our moms and dads were at work most of the time.  We took care of each other.  I’ve been reliving those treasured memories all day long.  It seems like only yesterday.