Doc Williamson

We are privileged to have an extraordinary team doctor for the football program at Steel’s high school.  “Doc” Williamson is an orthopedic surgeon and on the sidelines for (most) of our games during the season.  Through our time together, she has become a friend and I throughly enjoy her company during the games.  She has treated Steel on a couple of occasions for injuries he has sustained in wrestling and football.  She is thorough in her exam, and clear on her explanation.

Today, Steel went to see Doc about some pain he’s been having in his knee.  After an x-ray and exam, she diagnosed him with tendonitis and then proceeded to explain how and why it happens. She gave Steel some instructions about icing and stretching.

During the exam, Doc told Steel how much she has enjoyed watching him over the years and how excited she was to be back on the field and looked forward to seeing him play for his final year at Central Catholic.  She said she had mentioned Steel to a patient the previous week.  The patient’s mother was afraid to let her (small in stature) son play football… afraid that he would be hurt.  Doc said she knew a kid named Steel who wasn’t very big, but had the heart that it took to be a great player.  She talked about how  Steel’s opponents always underestimate him on the line until he knocks them flat as he’s running through them, or takes them out in a tackle.

The CC Football team has no bigger fan than Doc Williamson.  She is cheering and encouraging every minute of the game as she paces the sidelines.  She is a blessing to the team, to my family and as my friend.