I’ve really become a terrible procrastinator.  (Obviously if you keep up with this blog… right now I’m about 10 days behind.) Horrible!  I’m really ashamed, because I never used to be this way… But I have to say, it’s really become a part of my personality.  I know that things would be simpler, easier and completed in a more efficient manner if I would just get them done, but I love the freedom that procrastination offers… because (especially lately) I just don’t feel like it.  Now, I have to say (humbly) that even though I procrastinate… I still get it done.  (At least usually.)  Sometimes I’m working on something at the last minute, but I always seem to manage to pull it off.  Maybe that’s the thrill I need… maybe that’s what’s so stimulating?  I don’t know… but I do appreciate the freedom of choice.