Cancer Survivors

We had dinner tonight with a couple that have been long time friends, but we just don’t get to see them very often.  Our lives are going in very different directions right now and our kids and business take up our time, as it should be.  But for tonight, we set all of that aside and just reconnected.

As we caught up on what our lives have been filled with over the last few years, we discussed the wife’s recent battle with cancer.  She told us of her symptoms, her diagnosis, treatment and recovery as we sat there in awe of what she has endured.  I won’t even pretend to understand how they have been affected by this diagnosis and how it has changed the way they view the world and live their lives.

But conversations like this are always blessings.  Obviously, we praise God that we have not had this burden placed before us, but it is also an opportunity to learn.  We learned about the physical, emotional and psychological aspects of fighting this terrible disease… the way it changes not only the patient, but everyone around her as well. We are truly blessed to have cancer survivors who offer hope.  Everyone will be directly touched by this disease at some point in their lives and information and sharing like what we experienced today will help to prepare us for the inevitable.