Beating Cardinal Newman

I’ve really been dreading this day.  It is the last - 1st game of the football season for Steel.  So sad. I will miss these times more than any other high school experience with my children.  We were so excited and anxious to have it start, and yet dreading it as the beginning of the end.

CC’s first opponent over the last few years has been Cardinal Newman from Santa Rosa.  They are a very good team with an excellent football program.  The series has gone back and forth over the years. We beat them the first time we played, but they broke our long game winning streak in 2006.  One of our big games (2007) ended in a tie which left a big question mark for the rest of the season regarding who would get the State Bowl game invitation.  It’s always a big game and today was no different. This was scheduled as a home game for CC, but we were invited to participate in “The Battle at the Capitol” where 4 big games from schools in Northern California were all played at Folsom High School and televised live on Comcast.

The boys played hard… knowing they were going to have to step up to beat a very good team, but also to compensate for the injuries that have plagued the team over the last few weeks.  10 of our 11 starters go both ways.  Exhausting.

It was a fantastic game… and we won. It’s always a good day when you can beat a team like Cardinal Newman.  For CC, it will set  the tone for the rest of the season.  Playing against tough opponents makes a good team great… and I think we’re in for an exciting season.