If you follow this blog on a regular basis, you already know that I’m not a very good proofreader.  Spell check can only help so much… and most of the time, my brain is thinking (and editing) much faster than I can type so I screw up on grammar, punctuation and all sorts of other little irritating things in my writing all the time.  (I’m even worse on Facebook.)  Sometimes I catch these and sometimes I don’t.  For the blog, I’m on my own, but fortunately, when I do something in print, I try very hard to have Leroy look it over for me to catch something I’ve missed.

I love to play around pictures and simple desk top publishing so having the opportunity to publish the weekly football newsletter this year has been a lot of fun despite the time it takes.  One thing that I dread is all of the typos and mistakes I will find after I’ve already ordered 100, double sided, full color copies.  I never seem to catch it before it’s sent.

Thank goodness I have Leroy to edit and proof for me.  (When he has the time.)  He’s good at picking out pictures too.  I usually choose pictures based on color, lighting and focus and Leroy chooses pictures showing successful plays, positions and effort.  I’m worried about composition, and he worried about subject.  We make a good team. (In more ways than one.)  I’m really glad that he’s here to help.