Today I was driving due West on the road about 6:15 in the evening on my way to an appointment.  The sun was directly in front of my eyes… so much so that I had to strain (even through sunglasses) to see the road.  On two different occasions, I noticed small “clouds” of sparkly figures dancing out in the orchards.  It wasn’t until I was along side these groups that I realized they were clusters of Dragonflies buzzing about.  It was really a spectacular sight.  Huge Dragonflies all flying around together and because of the time of day and the placement of the sun, their wings glistened and reflected in a spectacular manner.

I’ve lived here most of my life, and I’ve seen an occasional Dragonfly, but I’ve never seem them this big or noticed them in clusters before today… but my story doesn’t end there.

When I got home (about 9:00 pm) I heard a tapping against the window in the kitchen near the sink.  When I looked out, I saw a HUGE Dragonfly buzzing up against the glass, apparently trying to get to the light.  Since I don’t believe in coincidence (or luck) I immediately went to the computer to look up Dragonflies.  I know that God was trying to get a point across to me… and he had to be pretty flashy to get my attention.

Dragonflies symbolize hope, love and change… and not just any kind of change… but change for the better.  Hope and love are always good things, but change is uncomfortable at best.  We get caught up in our routines and get stuck in habits.  I don’t like change… I can’t control change… but that doesn’t make it stop.  As I’ve reflected on my encounter today I know that God has offered this experience as reassurance that this too shall pass.  I try not to take anything for granted… and now that includes large, flying insects.