Charlie and I went back to the library today.  We had another little boy read to us, but this story was really spectacular.  When he walked in with his first book he said, “Your dog is really lovely.”  I knew this kid was special.  He was only about 4 years old, but very well spoken and confident.  He had the first book memorized (he said it was one of his favorites) and went through it so fast he had to ask his mother for another.

His next selection was at a higher reading level.  He knew the story, but struggled on the individual words and would ask me for help.  I said to him… “Why don’t you just tell Charlie the story?”  His face brightened.  He set the book down, turned the first page, stood up and begin to not only TELL the story, but to act it out as well.  He knew the characters, he knew the plot.  He did physical gestures along with the words he spoke.  He dramatized the book right there in front of us.  It was really extraordinary.  He was so excited and the tempo built as the plot line thickened.  He was talking so fast I could only understand about every 3 words… but I got the idea… and so did Charlie.  We were thoroughly entertained.  What a treat for us. I hope he comes back soon.