I don’t have many regrets in life… but there are a few.  One of the biggest is that I missed the first touchdown that Steel ever scored.  This really wasn’t my fault.  He was playing youth football at the time, and I drew the short straw and had to go to a family wedding. Leroy took Steel to the game.  I told him when he left that morning… “Don’t you dare score a touchdown when I’m not there…” and sure enough he did.  I’ll never forget the excitement in his voice when he called me on the cell phone (I was still stuck at the damn wedding) to tell me about it.  I was hoping he was teasing me, but I knew by his voice is was true.

Since that day… I promised myself I would never miss another one, and I haven’t.  We don’t get these opportunities for long, so I’m going to be there for every moment possible.  Tonight, Steel scored again… twice.  He scored the first touchdown of the game and again later on in the evening.  Runs… both of them short but powerful.  KCRA (News channel from Sacramento) was there for the first one with a video camera so Steel made the 11:00 news.  It was great to see it again on the screen, but nothing beats the feeling on the sidelines.