I have been a part of an extraordinary group of individuals for the past twelve years who have truly become dear, life long friends.  The RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) Team at St. Stanislaus Church has had such a positive influence on not only myself, but everyone that they work with and for.  Just the fact that I’ve stuck around for 12 years should tell you that this group is special.  I’m not very tolerant… but they are.

What really makes this group unique is the diversity.  Each one of them brings a gift to offer and week after week God uses those gifts to reach out to those who seek Him.  Truly a miracle.  This team is dedicated to the initiation process and work tirelessly with the help of the Holy Spirit to welcome and teach those who are interested in conversion to Catholicism.  It is a privilege to work so closely with them in this process, but even more so, a blessing to have them as friends.