Slide Shows

Everyone knows how much I enjoy photographs.  I have (probably literally) a million of them and very few I print.  The easiest way to view so many pictures at one time is to create a slide show.

Everyone is always so impressed with the slide shows I put together, but they really are quite simple.  I hardest part is collecting all of the photographs together.  For older photos, that includes going through them one by one and choosing which to use, and which to leave out.  Work… and time consuming, but fun.  I love going through the pictures and the flood of memories that come to mind when you find a shot you haven’t seen in a while.

Once the photos are in the computer, it’s a matter of choosing music and setting up the timing.  Then the software does the work.  Slide shows around here have become an honored tradition that become as priceless as the photographs they contain.  I look forward to sharing these memories for a long time to come.