When Steel arrived at school this morning, he found out that a group of kids from Johansen (who we were scheduled to play tonight) had broken in and spray painted graffiti all over the football stadium.  They really did some damage.  Most of it was covered up, cleaned up or painted over by the time the game started, but the worst was on a granite memorial under the flag pole.  The Rocket-Scientist that had painted on the wall mis-spelled the name of their mascot.  The genius wrote VIKNGS in large bold letters.  Of course you can’t just paint over granite, and the power washing didn’t help.  They’re not even sure if sandblasting it will remove the paint… but it was comforting that all of their fans got to see the spectacle as they went to their seats.  I hope they were embarrassed and ashamed.

The best part of the whole day was the fact that the boys answered back on the football field.  Our boys were focused and ready for revenge.  JV won their game and then Varsity stepped on the field and beat them 47-0.