Quarterback Club

The Quarterback Club is a group of people who meet everyone Monday for lunch to discuss high school football in the area.  All of the head coaches are invited to attend and to give a brief summary of the previous week’s game and what’s ahead.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Today, CC was the “featured team” and so the captains were invited to attend.  Parents and other supporters were also invited to attend and to eat lunch.

Six of our seven captains were there in dress shirts, ties and their lettermen jackets.  What an impressive sight.  CC has always been known as a disciplined team and the presence that these young men had at that gathering today was truly impressive.  Each one was introduced one at a time and their parents acknowledged if they were present.

I’ve written quite a bit about how much I will miss football and it is in moments like this that I swell with pride and appreciation for the opportunity I have been given to be a part of such a wonderful program.