Last Supper at Ciao Bella

After mass this evening, I had the brilliant idea of going to dinner at Ciao Bella for some delicious Bruschetta and Stuffed Calamari.  We were relieved to discover that they weren't very busy when we walked in, but the waitress soon informed us that it was fortunate that we came in that night as it was going to be their last night.  We were devastated. To make it worse, they were not serving Bruschetta either.  Fortunately, the chef heard me whining about it so he agreed to make a special batch just for me.  Apparently, they were out of the usual bread they use, but he made due with another variety. While we were waiting for dinner, I changed the status on my Facebook profile and got an immediate response of disappointment from all of my "friends" who are frequent visitors.  It sounds as if they two chefs are splitting up.  Ciao Bella, as we know it will close for remodeling at that location and open with different ownership.  The other chef is going to find another location somewhere in the downtown area and open a different restaurant.

When everyone is up and running again, I guess we'll just have to try them both to see who makes the best Bruschetta and stuffed Calamari.