Down Under

Last spring I posted a blessing about a comment from someone I knew in Australia.  Well... she's been visiting in our area for the past few weeks and after spending more time with her, I've decided she's more than an acquaintance, she is now a friend.  How cool is that to have someone you consider a friend living on the other side of the world? We didn't get to spend much time together (football season) but when we did we talked about this blog a lot.  I would go to explain a story or situation to her and she say... "Oh I know... I read it on your blog."  Very cool.  Even though we don't communicate on a regular basis, she can catch up on our events through the blog and even find out some of her families activities too.  She even has some of her friends watching the website for postings and pictures of her while she's here.

She leaves on Tuesday, and I'm sure it will be a long while before we get to see her again... but we won't be strangers.  Sierra loved her time in Australia and now that I have a friend Down Under, I have no excuses.  To Mina… When I come visit… I’ll “shout” you.  (Translation:  my treat!)