Greek Salad

Leroy hates the restaurant Panera.  Well... hate is a strong word.  It is NOT his favorite restaurant.  I think the biggest problem is the fact that he hasn't found something really yummy there yet that he can enjoy.  I, on the other hand, love their turkey sandwich and Greek salad.  It is really a treat to get to eat there.  We don't go often because I'm usually with Leroy and I know it's not his favorite.  But, today, I was by myself out running errands so I stopped in and picked up dinner to go. I LOVE a good Greek salad.  I guess it's the olives and Feta cheese that really make it unique... but I also love the traditional cucumber and tomatoes too. (Hummm... it just occurred to me that I talk about food a lot on this blog... I guess I really am a foodie.)  Anyway... you can't beat the combination.  I guess you could count feta cheese as a protein (and I will) but maybe if I added a bit of turkey or something else I would actually have the perfect meal.