First Rain

It's always a blessing to enjoy the first rain of the season.  They've been warning us about this storm for quite some time but I guess we really didn't believe it until it came.  If I had any sense at all, I would have stayed home and enjoyed it from the comfort and safety of my warm house but I ventured out to Livermore for a haircut and drove in the stuff for more than 2 hours. Most of the time the first rain causes a real mess because it's just enough to make everything sticky and dirty.  But this storm's biggest menace was the massive amounts of water it dumped on the valley. Hard, consistent rain has washed away all of the Spring and Summer debris and mess and left everything clean and refreshed.  It washed the dirt and grime off of the roads and settled the dust.  (So much so that Leroy didn't have to pre-irrigate before planting the oats... which is a blessing in itself.)