Holiday Barbie

We have a Christmas tradition in our house with the latest edition of the Holiday Barbie.  I bought one for Sierra for her first Christmas (1989) and one ever since.  The collection started in 1988, so she has all but the first edition.  For the last several years, it's been as simple as walking into Wal-Mart around September 1st and picking one up.  There have been times (early 90's) that I would camp out for hours (literally) in front of Toys R Us to pick up the doll.  Those days are long gone, but the experience of buying the Barbie is as much of a tradition as Sierra receiving it on Christmas morning.  It is symbolic for me.  The change of the seasons, back to school, anticipation of the holidays and buying the Barbie.  It's just what we do. It occurred to me a couple of weeks ago that I'm very late with this task.  With all of the changes in our schedule and life right now, I guess it just skipped my mind.  So today... I am happy to report... mission accomplished.  Today I braved the crowd at Wal-Mart (not to mention the sales staff) and bought the 2009 edition of the Holiday Barbie.  I wish I could report that she is as lovely as ever but to tell the truth... I thought she was ugly this year.  Ugly yes... but still necessary.  It just wouldn't be Christmas (or Fall for the matter) without her.