Surprise Visit

Things have been a bit stressful around here for quite some time.  Things that wouldn't have bugged me a bit a year ago no irritate me to the point that I can't even function.  It's stress... all of it... but there are just times that I lose it... and it's more frequent lately than ever before.  That's when I realize how much my family means to me and how lost I am without their support.  I had a meltdown earlier this week and Sierra happened to call right in the middle of it.  She felt helpless all the way in Chico and tried to comfort me.  I really don't want to stress out my children.  Bad timing. Today, I was in the office and I heard someone come in.  I can usually tell when it's Leroy because he stops in the backroom, changes out of his work clothes and then comes in.  This person just came in and dropped a bunch of stuff at the kitchen table.  It's fairly common to have some random kid walk into my house, unannounced so I wasn't alarmed... but I was shocked when I heard the voice.  I was anticipating a male voice and what I heard was music to my ears.


Sierra surprised us and came home for the weekend.  I knew she was coming home next week, but this visit came as a complete surprise.  She said she just wanted to come home, but I know that she felt like she was needed and to be honest... her timing was perfect.  She always brings a warmth and joy when she's home... even if it's only briefly.  We really miss her happiness around here and with all of the stress of the last several months, her absence is sorely felt.

We ran errands, she helped with the house work... she went to Gridiron with me... we caught up on past episodes of The Office and really, just hung out.  It was terrific and exactly what I needed.