Rally Video

Last night, after the game... a few boys from the team spent the night at our house.  To be completely honest... I don't know who stayed over, and who showed up early.  All I know is there were 7 boys there when I started cooking and 11 when I finished.  They were meeting to film a video for the upcoming homecoming rally next week.  All of the Rally Commissioners were there and a couple of support and technical kids to do the filming and editing.

The came up with a plan.  Since it's Hilmar we are scheduled to play next week, the had the idea of filming some scenes at Hilmar's high school as well as getting a shot of the Section banner. (Hilmar defeated CC in the Section Championships last year.)  We called and got permission for the boys to go into the John and Anne's pizza parlor to film the banner they had framed... but beyond that, they weren't sure what they were going to do.  I lectured them all about not getting into trouble and getting in and out of Hilmar fast because when word got out that all of those Central Catholic boys were roaming the streets of Hilmar, it wouldn't be long before there would be a confrontation.

They all climbed into 3 different vehicles and I prayed a quick prayer as I watched them drive off... not quite sure what was in store for them.  They were good boys, but 11 of them together on a mission was probably not the best scenario for clear thinking.  Although my fears were unfounded... I was surprised to get a phone call about 2 hours later saying... "Mom, can we buy a car?"

They drove around town stopping at various spots and interviewing the local townsfolk about the upcoming game.  The footage is hilarious.  As they were driving, they found a car for sale at a yard sale.  They guy was asking $250 but they got him down to $150.  The activities coordinator at the school gave them a $100 budget for the video so they only had to come up with $50 to buy the car.  $10 bucks each.  I couldn't argue with the logic. The seller told them the car ran... not well... but it was operational.  I gave them the OK (after a quick phone call to Leroy) and they were thrilled.  I then realized that getting rid of a car (I already knew what their plans were) might be an issue so I called an auto wrecking place just to make sure it wasn't going to cost me a lot of money to get rid of the thing.

About 1 hour later in rolled 4 vehicles.  The $150 car had made it all the way from Hilmar to home and only stalled out 1 time.  The boys immediately went to work.  Leroy bought them spray paint and they decorated the car as if it were owned and operated by a Hilmar Yellow-jacket.  One of Steel's friends (dressed in a bumble bee costume) had a piece of blue felt cut out to resemble the banner and the filming began.  They took turns driving it around in the dirt and basically just thrashing the thing.  They took a sledge hammer to the front and rear window shields, broke out the tail lights, dented the sides, painted all over it and even put on a helmet and pads to try and take off the drivers side door.  It was hysterical.

Never once did I have to tell them to stop, or that they had gone too far... or that something was inappropriate.  It was just a bunch of boys, playing around on a Saturday and having a great time.  Of course I followed them all around with my camera... capturing each moment the best I could.  They even let me watch the raw video footage.  It's great... and I can't wait to see what they come up with after all of the editing.