I've never been known to be a great cook.  I can follow a recipe for the most part, but to come up with something on my own is nearly impossible.  I'm not one to whip something at a moments notice or throw together something delicious just with the ingredients I have on hand.  I know women like that and I admire them greatly, but I'm not one of them.  I have noticed however that I'm starting to enjoy cooking a lot more.  It's almost like a diversion.  I've known it to be so for Leroy for a long time.  When he gets the opportunity to cook he throws everything he has into it and so focused he can think of nothing else.  It's never been that way for me... until now. I started with just simple baking.  I've always enjoyed baking (and who couldn't use a fresh, hot cookie once in a while) so it's quick with immediate, positive results.  But lately, I've found myself getting a bit more adventurous.  I'll go into the kitchen, look around at what I've got and try to come up with a meal.  Fun.  The whole thing would be more fun if there was someone around to eat it.  (The boys are usually at football when the mood strikes.)  I've always LOVED feeding people... but cooking has been a different story until now.