Head Start Preschool

Charlie had his first Head Start Preschool visit today.  We've planned on this for a while and the schedule has really been chaotic, but I was determined to keep the appointment.  The children were absolutely enchanted by Charlie's visit.  They asked lots of questions and were very excited to have a real dog visit them at school. One of my favorite things about working with children of this age is the question and answer time.  Whenever a teacher asks, "does anyone have any questions"  everyone raises their hand... but when they're called upon.. they don't ask a question... almost always, they make a statement.  "I have a dog at home."  "My dog's name is Fido."  It gets really funny when the statements change subjects which always happens.  "We had macaroni and cheese for dinner." "My brother threw up last night."  Then... sometimes it can take a completely negative turn.  "My mommy and daddy are getting a divorce."  So sad.

I'm looking forward to the return visits.  The kids were very excited at the prospect and I'm sure Charlie is looking forward to it too.