Beating Hilmar

Football is a big deal in my family.  Not just for us, but for Leroy's sister's family as well.  They live in a different town, and their kids go to a different high school and that school just happens to be my kids' school's biggest rival.  A rivalry that has been built up over several years... way before our involvement, but now that we have a personal stake in the games (bragging rights) it's a serious issue around here.

Last December Hilmar beat Central Catholic in the Section Championship game.  It was an upset.  CC was predicted to win.  To make a long story short... CC came out flat and Hilmar came to win.. and that's exactly what happened.  I have to admit, we at CC have become pretty used to winning.  We don't lose very often and we're not very good at it.  The entire town of Hilmar was behind that team last year.  They lined the main street with flags and had an escort for the bus as it left town.  The stands were full with everyone dressed in green and gold.  It was a impressive sight.  Hilmar hasn't had the chance to play in the Section Championships and Central has been there every year for a long time.  We took it for granted and it caught up with us.

But, tonight... we got a second chance.  This is the first meeting of these two teams since December and I know our boys are looking for redemption.  I know it's not the big one... but it gives the boys another opportunity to step up their game and to play with passion.. and they did.  Steel was particularly motivated (understatement) for this game and took great pride and joy in every well executed play.  The Varsity boys beat Hilmar tonight  (Hilmar's JV team beat our JV team in the game just before) and with a packed house due to homecoming and the entire town of Hilmar out to watch... it was a big win for the team.