So I have this great new office and I'm trying to make it as comfortable as possible since I'll be spending quite a bit of time in it.  I wanted to pick up a few things that I thought would make it more efficient and add a personal touch. Steel went to the Cal game today but Sierra and Jared were down for a visit and my nephew Brandon had spent the night after the big game so he was still here.  I was excited to show them my office so we all piled into the car, headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a few things before heading over to the dealership.

When we arrived, we all headed in different directions.  That's the great thing about Wal-Mart... there is literally something for everyone.  I can't believe that I'm considering Wal-Mart a blessing, but I really am.  When you need a variety of things at low prices, it's still the best option in town.