Dinner Parties

I talked about it a few days ago... I love to feed people.  It's one of the greatest blessings in my life.  Not necessarily the cooking, but the feeding and entertaining of people. We have had so many different kinds of people join us around our dining room table.  There is a great intimacy that you share with people when you sit down for a meal together, but when it's in your own home, the significance is magnified.  I am honored with the opportunity and never fail to recognize the moment as unique and a well cherished memory.  Even when we have ended relationships, my first thoughts always go back to meals that we had shared together and it always makes it more painful... almost like betrayal.  That's how serious we take it. A few weeks ago, I discovered that some friends that I work with on the RCIA team did not know each other's spouses and that seemed like a great tragedy.  These extraordinary individuals were so similar in personality that I knew that I had to introduce them.  We planned a dinner and everyone agreed.  Tonight was the night and it was delightful.  Everyone had a great time sharing stories and getting to know each other on a personal level.  Our spouses sacrifice by our participation in the RCIA program so it was a small gift of thank you to them as well.  Once again, I am honored with the opportunity and look forward to more occasions just like this one.