Customer Service

It's nice to have friends in the business.  There is something comforting about going into a store knowing that you already have a relationship with the owner.  You trust that you're going to be treated well and not get be taken advantage of.  This is particularly true of big purchases like homes and automobiles... (Note: With my new position at Heritage Ford, you have a friend in the business.)  Anyway... it applies to jewelry as well.  We have known the Ciccarelli's for a long time as our children went all through elementary and high school together.  Leroy has bought me some wonderful pieces over the years, but the best part of going in there is knowing how well you will be treated.  Greg and Carla are ALWAYS friendly and ready to assist at a moments notice.  Today I went into have them change the battery in my favorite watch (which I haven't worn in several months because the battery was dead) and I ended up with not only a new battery, but all of my jewelry cleaned and some goodies as well.  Good customer service is hard to come by these days.