When I post a blessing, I feel as though I have to explain my self pretty thoroughly each time, just in case someone is reading only an individual post and not the entire blog.  If I just talk about my bangs here, someone might wonder why bangs are such a big deal.  If you follow this blog (or my personal blog, which has been terribly neglected over the year) you know that anything to do with my hair is a VERY BIG DEAL!  I've been growing it out since mid-March... and it's caused lots of stress in my life. Well... it's growing (that's the good news) but keeping up with the ever changing length with a decent style has been a problem.  I like to do my hair once, in the morning and not worry about it anymore. Lately, I've curled it (think big, Texas hair) and put so much hairspray on it it looks like a large football helmet.  This has worked so far, but the front is getting a bit long and it's time to decide about bangs.

Tammy (dear friend who cuts my hair) made the suggestion of bangs the last time I was in for color, but I quickly dismissed her.  Then... last week, I saw my niece with bangs and really liked them so I started thinking again.  Today I was brave enough to give it a try, but they are driving me crazy.  I can't stand the feeling of my hair touching my face.  I thought they were too long so I curled them up pretty tight and then I thought I looked like I was six.

The best news of all is that I'm new at work so nobody knows what I usually look like anyway.  I really doubt that anyone has paid that much attention to my hair to notice that the bangs are a difference.  We'll see what happens. I'm going to give them a try.  They are not so long that I can't change my mind and let them continue to grow with the rest of my hair.