Chain Gang

Tonight our game was at Orestimba High School in Newman, California.  Orestimba is a great place to play football.  Personally, I think they have the best stadium in the league.  It has a beautiful scoreboard, big grandstands on both sides and a beautiful view of the sun setting in the Western sky.  But, my favorite thing about playing in Orestimba is the chain gang.

The last few times we've been out there, it's been the same crew and they are the friendliest people around.  They are efficient and on task, but they are social and friendly while doing their job.  It's usually a bit awkward having the chains on our sidelines.  Not only are we trying to stay out of their way as the move up and down the field, but we're also keenly aware that they are big fans for the other team.  Most of the time they are parent volunteers who have kids in the game.  But when you go to an Orestimba home game, you know that you're going to have a good time.

Unfortunately, with the league changes planned for next year, this was our last time traveling to Newman... but we won't forget the good times spent with the best chain gang in the league!