Halloween used to be a big deal around here.  When the kids were little they always had terrific costumes that my mother in law would sew for them.  We would dress them up and go to carnivals and then a little trick or treating on the actual night.  Leroy and I had some pretty good ones too.  Fred and Wilma Flintstone were my favorite. Now, things have changed.  And, even though we don't go all out anymore (I don't even buy candy because we never have them come to the door way out here) the day itself brings up a whole host of memories of Halloweens past.  We remember all of the costumes, the parties and the effort that went into making the day memorable... and we did a good job because the fond memories are embedded in our brains.  Just the mention of the word and all of the fantastic costumes we wore flash before my eyes.