Fine Arts Performance

There has been a lot of turmoil in the Fine Arts Department of the high school (specifically dance) with some false accusations made against the teacher.  It's been a rough road for everyone with the students paying a high price as well.  Tonight was the first performance of the year and the student's participation is figured into their grade for the semester.  It is part of the curriculum.  With the usual coordinator of the production out since the first of September, I wasn't expecting much.  Actually, I was expecting a disaster... but I should have known better.  I should have known that the kids would step up and meet the challenge head on.  I should have known that the professionalism that has been taught to the dancers in their previous years' experience would shine through, no matter what the surrounding circumstances.

The kids did a terrific job.  Of course I am partial to one kid in particular (who was fantastic, by the way) but I really enjoyed the show in general.  I loved the combination of using music, choir, drama and dance all in the same number. Something that the old venue would not allow.  It was really great.  I am so thankful for the positive influence good teachers have had on my children and what a blessing it is to see them use those skills even in the teachers absence.  It is the ultimate sign of credibility and character.