College Applications

If you can't tell already, you should know right up front... I am extremely proud of my children.  Despite the fact that their father and I have tried over and over again to screw them up, they are turning out to be extraordinary human beings.  They are self-sufficient and reliable (for the most part.)  They are independent thinkers who take responsibility for themselves and are respectful. Really, great kids. Steel's been hard at work on his college applications.  It's hard to believe that in just 1 year from now he'll be off living somewhere else and going to school.  He's applying all over to different kinds of school in California and even a few out of state.  But, the biggest blessing of all is the fact that he is doing all of it by himself.  I have not had to do ANYTHING for him.  He's taken the initiative to complete the forms with the correct information, tie in the SAT scores and even paid some of the fees with his own money.  All of these things are a very good indication of how successful he'll be in school, and I have to say, the future looks bright.