Diet Coke

Oh how I love DIET COKE!  And not just any Diet Coke... it really has to be fountain and preferably from McDonald's in a Styrofoam iced tea cup and a big straw.  (There... is that specific enough for you?)  It truly is my drug of choice.  I've been addicted to it for about 5 years now... and can count on 1 hand the days that have passed in that time in which I have not enjoyed one.  (Diet Pepsi will do in a pinch, but not my favorite.) I get harassed about this obsession constantly, but no one can argue with my logic... which is... "It's better than crack cocaine."  Things could be worse... I could have worse habits.  Even a Starbucks coffee is a worse habit.  Not only do their beverage choices have lots of calories, but they are very expensive as well.  I might look a bit more sophisticated carrying around a Starbucks cup, but I've never been one to worry about appearances.  Nope.  It's Diet Coke for me and now with the new job, a part of the morning ritual.