Ford Mustang

I had a very nice surprise at work today.  My brother in law, John brought his Australian cousin Joe and Joe's friend Kevin into the dealership for a visit.  These guys were here for a big car show in Las Vegas and just decided to fly up and visit John for a couple of days.  They are big car enthusiasts and the sole reason they are in the US is for cars.  They told us about going to the Shelby factory in Vegas and asked if we had any on the lot.  Since I'm new (and didn't even know what a Shelby was) I asked our Fleet Manager, Jerry if we had anything fun to show them.  He said no, but then got into a conversation about cars.  It was a lot of fun to witness and I ended up learning a lot about cars.  Joe was impressed with Jerry's knowledge and Jerry loved talking cars with someone who knew the industry.  I have to be honest to say that I was lost most of the time, but it was still a lot of fun. Jerry ended up sending them to see a friends car in Oakdale and another in Patterson.  These guys (Jerry, Joe and Kevin) are real fans of the Ford Mustang and it was a treat to learn from people who really knew what they were talking about.