Acceptance Letter

I wrote a couple of days ago about Steel's college applications.  Well... today there is good news.  Yesterday, he got an acceptance letter (via email) from Fresno State.  Steel never said a word, he simply forwarded the email to me. This is big news.  I remember that Fresno was the first to respond to Sierra's applications when she sent them out 3 years ago. Fresno is not necessarily Steel's first choice, but there is the comfort of knowing that he has at least one option brings an incredible sense of peace.  Things are different now, than they were when Sierra was applying.  Not only are the schools more impacted, several of the universities in our area are limiting the number of new students due to staff and class reduction from the budget cuts.  Not only are there fewer spots for new students, there are more students applying for those fewer openings.

I think Steel will be successful where ever he decides to go.  Fresno is a great school.  Who knows?  This time next year we might be wearing red, white and blue and cheering for the Bulldogs!