Having my own office is VERY cool.  Slowly, but surely, I'm adding personal touches to make it more comfortable and today I added a biggie... Mom's Bose radio. When my mom passed away, we went through the traditional ritual of dividing up her stuff and it went very smoothly.  The only thing we really argued about was her popcorn bowl.  (I won, but agreed to serve popcorn in it whenever we were together at my house.)  One thing that I did want was her Bose Acoustic Wave Radio.  Now, I'm not a big radio listener.  In the car I have my Sirius and when I'm home, I prefer the silence... but I knew how much this radio meant to Mom and I wanted it. It was a Christmas gift to her several years ago.  We all chipped in and bought it for her.  She had always wanted one, but considered it way to extravagant to spend the money on it herself.  She saw it as a real treat and since it had been in my possession, I have to confess, it's only been on a handful of times.

I took it to my office this morning.  Since I'm in the corner and alone most of the time, I thought it would be a nice addition and so far I'm really glad I did.  It seems to make the day pass a bit faster.  I feel good about using it and think it adds the personal touch of Mom's memory to my work environment.  Now I just have to make sure I don't sing along... out loud.