Wedding Annivesary

I always cause a bit of controversy when I state the fact that I consider my marriage to be my greatest blessing.  Most people question me on this stating that my children should be the greatest, and they run a close second, but if it wasn't for my marriage I wouldn't have the children as blessings at all.  My marriage is my primary relationship.  There is no greater gift I can give my children than to love and cherish their father.  As proud as I am of my children, they've only turned out as well as they have because of the marriage of their parents.

Leroy and I had been friends in high school but only started dating after he had graduated (my senior year.)  I met him when I was a freshman and he was dating a good friend of mine and from the moment we met, I have to admit I had a crush on him.  Some friends and I made a list of the boys in school we would like to date and he was on my list but we were in very different social circles.  I was a nerd (surprise, surprise) who stayed home most Friday and Saturday nights and he had lots of friends (of both sexes) who kept him busy on the weekends.  He and I were friends, and we used to tease each other about the trash we were currently dating... but that's where it stayed... at friendship... until one night in October of 1985.  He had come back to school for a meeting and something was different when he stopped to say hello.  It wasn't love at first sight... we had known each other for 4 years at that point... but this night was different.  Looking back on it now, I realize that the Holy Spirit brought us together that night.  There was a spark between us the moment our eyes met.  I remember it like it was yesterday.

Over the last 22 years we have grown incredibly close. He is my life, my hopes and my dreams.  He is my best friend and my partner in every way.  It reminds me of the Brad Paisley song Then.  I cannot believe how much more I love this man than I did when we were first married or even 12 years ago when I married him the second time.  I got married for lots of reasons... most of which were inappropriate to this kind of decision... but as usual, God was watching out for me even though I had never even considered asking His opinion in the matter.  For 22 years, God has been a part of our marriage even if we didn't appreciate His presence.  For 22 years I have awaken every morning with the knowledge that I am cherished and cared for and that I am blessed beyond my even my greatest hopes with the love of a good man, whom I adore as well.  As individuals we are not perfect but together, we come pretty darn close.