HTML Coding

I've complained a lot about my online internet class since September.  It's really not that bad... it's just the timing.  I've managed to stay up to date and even ahead of schedule for the most part and now it's almost over so I'm really glad I stuck with it. We started a project a couple of weeks ago involving HTML coding.  I don't learn as easily as I once did so I had a very difficult time grasping the concept.  With the more complicated subject matter, I would do much better in a traditional classroom setting... but I had to persevere.

Today, I got it.  I knew that I had to think of HTML as a different language (because it is) and try to think of the entire concept.  Not only what it was I was trying to say, but what did I want it to sound like (look like) when it was delivered.  All of the steps have to be planned ahead of time... and to be honest... I really like it.  I'm no expert, and I know I'm just at the beginning of the learning but I think it's fascinating and fun.