Post-Game Meals

This weekly event is one of those circumstances where it turns out to be so much fun, nobody complains about the work, time and effort.  Each week (usually) we host the football coaches for dinner at our house immediately following the game.  This started last season when we all wanted to go somewhere to eat and unwind, but nothing stayed open that late.  Add to the decision, that the head Varsity coach lives 90 minutes away.  We always try and get him to just stay the night at our house instead of making the long drive home after a game. Combining those two factors... it just made sense to go to our house. With the new ovens we had installed last fall, it's a breeze. We usually come up with the menu early in the week.  I set the timers on the food for automatic on and automatic off and dinner is ready when we walk in the door.  We do all of the prep work ahead of time so that there's nothing to do but sit and enjoy the company... and boy do we do that.

Most of these dinners do not end before 2:00 am.  We never really know how many we're going to have.  We've had as few as 6 and as many as 30.  The table in the living room is a bit tight sometimes, but amazingly, we all seem to fit.  We eat and then we chat... make fun of each other and just generally socialize.  There have been so many memorable moments during these dinners that I have to smile just thinking about it.  There is confession, strategy, re-cap, advice, prediction, feedback, instruction, advice, explanation and some nonsense.   These dinners are definitely up there among my most cherished memories of CCHS football and our kids' time in high school.