Cookie/Ornament Exchange Party

I have been invited to, but never attended a cookie exchange party.  It's not because I've been protesting these events, it just hasn't worked out with the schedule.  But today, I went to my first one and I hope I get invited again next year.  The best part of the whole party is the delightful hostess.  She is a remarkably sweet woman I've known for only a couple of years, but I knew as soon as I met her that we could easily become best friends.  She is so like-able and fun to be around, and after seeing all of the ladies that attended this party, I know that I'm not the only one that feels that way. I knew or was at least acquainted with about half of the guests at the party.  I was able to catch up with the parents of some of the high school graduates that I had become fond of over the years. It was great to hear updates of their college experiences and to hear of their recent visits home for Thanksgiving.

The ornament exchange was a hoot.  All of the wrapped gifts were anonymous and it was interesting to watch everyone's reaction to each one.  Much to my relief, I did not have the ugliest ornament, but it was pretty close.  It was funny to see people claim the ornaments if it got a strong approval reaction.  Someone would inevitably state that they were the one that brought the admired gift.  No one claimed the ugly ones.