Tree Decorator

Last week I talked about how blessed I was to have my family decorate my house for Christmas.  And, I've also mentioned that I've paid much closer attention to the traditions that I hold near and dear.  One of the most significant and began by accident is the fact that my sister in law, Anne always comes and decorates my tree.  When I tell people this they don't believe that it's true... but it is.

The whole Anne/Tree connection started when she got married in 1992.  Her wedding was in December and so naturally, she used Christmas trees in her decorating.  By the time the wedding had passed, I was so sick of Christmas trees, I refused to put one up in our house that year.  (Besides the fact that Steel wasn't yet a year old and would have been into it constantly.)  Anne has never let me live that down. She thought it was terrible that I didn't have a tree that year and I blamed the whole thing on her.

Several years later when we moved into the house, I was once again complaining about the Christmas tree.  Out of frustration, Anne said that if I put one up, she would come and decorate it for me.  I immediately accepted her half-hearted offer and the rest is history.  She complains every year... but the fact is she continues to show up even if it is just to shut me up.

Anne is very good at this kind of artsy-fartsy stuff.  When she arrives, I have the tree up and in place and the ornaments out for her to start.  I sit on the couch and critique while she places all of the ornaments on the tree.  It's fun now.  We chat and complain to each other.  It only takes her about 30 minutes to do it, but to be honest, its just the fact that she comes over and takes care of this chore for me that makes it so special.  I look forward to it every year.