Franklin-Covey Organizer

I'm a schedule freak... a calendar nut.  It's really to a fault.  If it is not scheduled, it doesn't happen.  People talk about all of the things they'd like to do, but nothing happens until it is scheduled and planned.  This is especially true when meeting up with old friends.  We might all have the best of intentions... and really are sincere when we say we'd like to meet for dinner or a visit, but until it is scheduled, it will never happen. My best friend from my time in Yosemite National Park went to work for a company in Utah that has forever changed my life.  She came out to visit (after our time in the park was over) and saw that I was using a Day Runner and she made fun of me.  She said... "That's not a planner, I'll send you a planner."  And when she went home she did.  She sent me my very first Franklin-Covey Day Planner.  (Well, it was just Franklin at that time.  When the author Stephen Covey joined the company, they added his name.)  I used it religiously from day one.  I recorded everything in those journals. I kept my schedule and notes all together and organized.  I even went to a full day seminar to learn how to use it more effectively.  (A great day... am I a nerd or what?)

Anyway, eventually I turned more towards the electronic calendars on the computers and phones.  The benefit of this system is that I can share all of my information instantly and while I still used my organizer for daily notes and records, it was not my main calendar anymore.

Now that I'm back to work, I'm relying on my organizer more and more.  I have to be much more efficient with my time now so I'm keeping track of tasks and appointments in my organizer and updating it constantly, all day long.  It is helping me stay more organized in my personal and work life.  Someday, someone is going to have a lot of fun going through those old journals to see what I was really thinking and feeling.  The days before the blog.