Lunch Delivery

My friend Tammy came in to work today and brought me lunch.  She picked it up and brought it over so that we would have more time to spend chatting.  She's a dear friend and sometimes we go a week or so without conversation so there is always something to catch up with.  I clocked out, closed my office door and we scarfed our food as we talked and talked and talked. The best part of her visit (even better than the food from Olive Garden) is the fact that she LIKED MY HAIR!  She's been my rock, my anchor through all of the hair drama this year... and so it really made me feel better when she said she liked the hair.  (It's raining today so I thought it would be a mess by the time she got in here.) Lunches like this are truly a blessing for me.  Not only do I get to see my friend, but it makes the day go by so much faster and makes me not feel so isolated since going back to work.  Ordinarily, a lunch out with Tammy would take a couple of hours.  I'm so blessed to have a flexible job where I can still enjoy these simple pleasures even if they come in smaller doses.