When I was about 7 years old, I was bit in the face by our neighbor's Dalmatian.  She bit me right above my left eye.  I was fortunate that she didn't hit the eye at all, but she essentially removed 1/2 of my eyebrow.  They stitched it up and told me that eventually I'd have to have plastic surgery with a skin and hair graft to make it look normal.  Once I learned how to fill it in with a little eyeliner, I never even considered the surgery.  I can make it look normal, enough. This does, however cause a bit of a problem with eyebrow shaping.  I've been waxing my brows (actually, I've paid a professional) for several years now and the challenge is matching up the right with the left.  Hair still grows around the left brow, it's just in the wrong place.  Since I have this "deformity" I pay pretty close attention to my brows... and what a difference a good waxing can do.  It cleans up my whole face and lifts the eye enough to make me look a little more alert, awake and a whole lot younger.