I have always loved to drive. I think it comes from first learning to drive on a five speed. When you're using a clutch and switching gears, you really have to pay attention and listen to the car.  Driving is engaging and a distraction from your cares... but most of all... it puts the driver in control.  Whenever we travel somewhere I always volunteer to drive.  It gives me the best seat, a distraction and control...  All three things are high on my list of priorities!  Driving alone is very therapeutic.  I can play the music I enjoy, or listen to the news, or nothing at all.  It's a terrific time to pray or day dream... and I've been doing a lot of both lately. Today I drove to the Livermore for a hair cut.  (Don't panic, for you "hair watchers" I didn't really cut my hair.  Just trimmed the back, the bangs and added color to cover the gray.)  Livermore sounds like a long way to go for a cut, but that's where Tammy works, so that's where I go... and I really don't mind the drive.  It's long, but it's easy and I don't have to go deep into the Bay Area traffic.  Life is a journey, not a destination.