I made a very deliberate decision not to do anything extra today.  I just want to be in the moment.  Of course there is still lots of necessary things to do when it's Christmas and you have a house full of people... but I did not do anything beyond necessary.  I didn't check my email, I didn't Twitter and I didn't post anything on Facebook.  I didn't cook more than necessary, I didn't clean the toilets and I didn't mop the floor.  I didn't pay bills or check my balance online. I napped on the couch in my new Snuggie as "It's a Wonderful Life" played on the TV.  I sat and enjoyed a cocktail with Leroy and a dear friend who stopped in to share Christmas joy. We spoke of the future with optimism and a positive attitude.  I hid a away in my room and read a few chapters of the book I've been working on and I went to bed early.  It really was a day filled with peace and joy, just as it should be.