Faulkner Family Fun Fest

Well... it's a good thing that I relaxed yesterday, because today was total CHAOS!  Today was the annual gathering of my side of the family... The Faulkner Family Fun Fest.  We started hosting the FFFF about 10 years ago. (Cant' remember the first one...)  I was tired of feeling sad because I did not see my family on a regular basis so we decided... maybe... if we host it, they will come... and come they did.  It took a few years to take hold, but now it is a family tradition that is not to be missed. They come and go in a rush... We start at 11 and I can not remember a time when anyone was left over past 4:00 pm.  Today's event was 3 1/2 hours of chaos.  Too many people all crammed into the kitchen, cooking, eating and visiting.  There are lots of little kids running around now (grand nieces and nephews) and the spouses and significant others add to the numbers every year.

There are lots of traditions surrounding this event too... i.e. the Slide show, Uncle Glade's milk, yelling at Chuck to come out for the picture, and Leroy taking off about 1:00 to go out to work.  Jon insists on being the first one to leave.  He announces his departure as soon as he walks through the door, but this year he was dead last.  (lol.)

I have to admit, I love this motley crew.  They all complain, piss and moan but I've been around long enough to know that's how they show their appreciation.  They keep showing up year after year so we must be doing something right.